Digital Festival

You find it all at the Digital Festival, whether it's the latest trends, innovative ideas, or fascinating personalities! We provide inspiration and build bridges to the real world.

While the decision-makers of the Swiss economy meet on Friday, the Digital Festival opens its doors to the public for the first time on Saturday. Dive into the festival atmosphere with us and experience digitalization!


Participants from industry, research, business, educational institutions, politics and administration talk about the existing challenges. The panels give you first-hand insights.


We claim to discuss socially relevant topics with experts and to create actual solutions to the existing challenges. You can expand your knowledge in workshops, masterclasses or labs.


The EXPO area offers companies and organizations a stage for presenting their brand building, products and commitments to a broad audience on a dedicated exhibition area of 2,500 m².

NextGen & Young Leaders

We are thrilled to announce the launch of NextGen & Young Leaders, a dynamic, empowering and exclusive side event that will propel you towards success.


Europe's largest and most renowned programming and innovation marathon for 10 years. 40 hour hackathon parallel to the Digital Festival. Brief brainstorming beats long planning, tangible prototypes beat sophisticated concepts, hoodie beats a suit. You achieve the most when you tackle things and get quick feedback.

Program 2023

    • 07:30 — 09:00

      Executive Breakfast

      Digital Festival & HackZurich

      By invitation only.

      Language: English/German
    • 08:00

      Door opening

    • 09:20 — 09:30

      Opening Digital Festival

      Digital Festival & HackZurich
      Language: English
      Standort: Main Stage
    • 09:30 — 10:00

      Introduction | What is Quantum Computing?

      Quantum Basel

      You find yourself in an era of unprecedented technological disruptions, and quantum computing could be one of the most significant innovations of your generation. As a shift from traditional binary logic to the laws of quantum mechanics, quantum computing stands at the forefront of this technological revolution.

      In this lecture, we will unravel the fascinating and often paradoxical realm of quantum mechanics and introduce you to the fundamental principles of quantum computing. We will discuss both the theoretical foundations and practical applications, highlighting both the potentials and challenges that come with quantum computing.

      Whether you are an experienced technology enthusiast or simply curious about the future of technology, our goal is for you to have a clearer understanding of what quantum computing is and why it is important.

      Language: English
      Standort: Main Stage
    • 09:30 — 18:00

      Experience | Digital Insight: Revealing your digital identity

      GObugfree AG

      Dive into the digital world of the unseen! Discover what the web reveals about you and be amazed by the hidden data that shapes your digital identity.

      At the GObugfree booth, learn from ethical hackers how cybercriminals might exploit your digital footprint and what you can do about it.

      In Switzerland, cyberattacks are an increasing threat, and often it is already minor vulnerabilities or unknowingly available information that can lead to vulnerability of IT systems.

      Join our unique customer experience and dare to take a look in the mirror of your online presence! Our experts will show you what data is available about you on the web, based on OSINT data ("Open Source Intelligence" - freely available source intelligence) and data leaks. Learn how to protect your digital identity and get valuable tips from our ethical hackers.

      We want to raise awareness about cybersecurity and encourage people to better protect their online presence. Visit us at the GObugfree booth - we care about your digital security!

      Language: German/English
    • 09:30 — 18:00

      Experience | Hochschule Luzern

      Hochschule Luzern

      Our experts will present current exhibits from education and research and invite visitors to experience these technologies for themselves. For example, you can use VR glasses to gain insights into the world of humans and animals. We will show you how robots can support us and bring us joy at the same time. What artificial intelligence can do apart from ChatGPT, you will learn from our colleagues from the field of Artificial Intelligence, where technology becomes edible and drinkable. All those who are interested in a cooperation with HSLU, degree programs or continuing education in the field of computer science will find contact persons and information material from the Department of Computer Science at their disposal.

      Language: English/German
    • 09:30 — 18:00

      Experience | Artificial Intelligence & Deep Fakes

      Analytics Agentur | Roger Basler de Roca

      In this captivating session, we delve into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Fakes, questioning their role as a potential curse or blessing. We will explore the mechanics behind creating convincingly realistic deep fakes while gaining insights into the latest technologies for detecting these deceptions. The presentation highlights not only the potential risks but also the opportunities and useful applications that these technologies present.

      Language: German/English
    • 09:30 — 18:00

      Experience | Human creativity vs generative AI?


      Are you more creative than our generative AI? Put your skills to the test in our interactive contest and try to beat our AI.

      In our Experience, visitors have the unique opportunity to see how their creativity and language acumen stack up against the power of Textshuttle’s generative AI. Do your best to formulate better texts than our AI! Experience in a playful way how Textshuttle can adapt AI to the individual needs of companies and see the added value companies get from it. 

      After the Experience, our experts are happy to share their knowledge about generative artificial intelligence and show you how you can unlock the full potential of AI in your company. We develop state-of-the-art solutions based on artificial intelligence for text generation – tailored to your needs.

      Language: German/English
    • 10:00 — 10:45

      Quantum Computing

      Welcome to this exciting panel discussion. The topic that brings us together today is both fascinating and groundbreaking: quantum computing. In a world where technological progress seems to have no bounds, quantum computing promises to fundamentally change our understanding of computers and how they function.

      Quantum computers utilize the principles of quantum mechanics to perform computational operations, and they can solve problems that would be insurmountable for traditional computers. They have the potential to have enormous impacts on various fields, from materials science to medicine to cryptography.

      Our panelists are experts in their respective fields, coming from the realms of science, industry, and business to shed light on this complex yet fascinating subject. They will discuss the potentials and challenges of quantum computing, present the latest breakthroughs, and offer a glimpse into the future.

      We hope that through this discussion, you will gain a deeper understanding of quantum computing and be excited about the possibilities it may offer us in the future. So, take a seat, open your mind, and get ready to dive into the fascinating world of quantum computing.

      Language: English
      Standort: Main Stage
    • 10:45 — 11:25

      Artificial intelligence and the future of work

      How does AI impact the dynamics of the job market? What effects does AI have on our education systems, and how can we harness it to address global challenges such as climate change and social inequality?

      Advancements in AI have reached unprecedented levels in recent years. It has broken free from the pages of science fiction novels and become a driving force in nearly every aspect of our lives, from healthcare to entertainment, from transportation to the financial industry. Our panelists, consisting of leading figures from science, technology, and business, will discuss the multifaceted aspects of AI. They will help us understand the impacts and potentials of this groundbreaking technology, shed light on the ethical questions arising from its growing presence, and provide insights into the exciting possibilities that the future of AI holds.

      Our discussion aims to shed light on the complex challenges and opportunities that AI brings. We hope you take this opportunity to learn more about AI, understand its impact on our society, and form an informed opinion about its future. Join us on this exciting journey into the depths of artificial intelligence.

      Language: English
      Standort: Main Stage
    • 11:00 — 11:45

      Masterclass | Opportunities and challenges of crypto and blockchain

      HGR Digital Asset Group

      The regulatory landscape that encompasses cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is characterized by its complexity and dynamism. Due to their technological advancement and relative novelty, authorities worldwide continuously strive to adapt their legislation and regulatory guidelines to align with this evolutionary development.

      The opportunities that arise in this context are significant. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to profoundly transform conventional banking and make financial services more democratic and accessible on a global level. Furthermore, blockchain technology has the capacity to greatly enhance transparency, efficiency, and security in various industries, ranging from finance and insurance to supply chains and the healthcare sector.

      In this masterclass, we focus on the diversity of these topics. We will specifically address the challenges that companies face in leveraging this technology to their advantage. Additionally, I will demonstrate achievable applications and discuss other relevant aspects.

      Key Take Aways:

      • Fundamentals of blockchain technology

      • Corporate applications

      • Understanding the opportunities and challenges of crypto and blockchain

      Language: German
      Standort: Cube 1

      *Registrations for the masterclasses and workshops can be made through the b2match networking platform. A separate email will be sent by September 8th if a professional ticket has been purchased.

    • 11:00 — 11:45

      Masterclass | Digital Tools with Privacy by Design

      • Benjamin Walczak, Data Protector, ULD
      Datenschutzbeauftragte des Kantons Zürich & Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein (ULD)

      With digitalization, an increasing number of digital tools are needed. For these tools, the requirements for data protection are rising - both from users, but especially when they are intended to be used in public institutions. In this masterclass, we analyze the specific data protection requirements for software development, how to efficiently pursue them, and discuss solutions together.

      Language: German
      Standort: Cube 2

      *Registrations for the masterclasses and workshops can be made through the b2match networking platform. A separate email will be sent by September 8th if a professional ticket has been purchased.

    • 11:30 — 12:00

      Case Studies: How Angel Investing Boosts Incumbents' Innovation

      Two experienced angel investors explain with case studies of Swiss startups how angel investors foster and shape the creation of innovative products. They illustrate how incumbents benefit from innovations done by startups.

      Key Take Aways:

      • It's simple to become an angel investor.

      • There are many very interesting startups in Switzerland, however, many don't know that they exist and how to find them.

      • Startups often develop innovative products faster and cheaper than incumbents and there are several reasons why this is the case.

      Language: German
      Standort: Main Stage
    • 13:00 — 13:45

      Blockchain for Good

      In the upcoming discussion session, we would like to highlight the potential of blockchain technology, which has proven to be an ideal problem-solving strategy for specific challenges. Particularly, it serves as a secure, reliable, and transparent means of transferring digital assets, identities, and documents to a clearly defined target audience within short timeframes, without the risk of loss or falling into the wrong hands.

      The primary users of this innovative technology, in this context, are individuals who rely on such assets, identities, funds, or documents in special or emergency situations. Additionally, institutions benefit significantly by utilizing the blockchain to demonstrate transparent and equitable distribution of funds, thereby strengthening their reputation as trustworthy and credible entities.

      An important question that arises in this regard is: What useful projects aimed at promoting sustainable development could be accelerated through the use of blockchain technology?

      Language: English
      Standort: Main Stage
    • 13:00 — 16:00

      Experience | Drone Circuit

      ICT Scouts & Drone Masters Academy Schweiz

      For all tech enthusiasts and the curious, there's an exciting challenge waiting: participants of the Digital Festival have the rare opportunity to get hands-on with a modern drone and program it themselves. But it's not just about simple drone control. Instead, participants face a demanding course that the drone must navigate precisely. The ultimate task at hand: discover a well-hidden secret text and skillfully photograph it. It requires a mix of dexterity, strategic thinking, and technical know-how!

      But don't worry, no one is left on their own for this task. A dedicated team of experts is there to help. The drone coaches from ICT Scouts and Drone Masters Academy Switzerland are on-site to provide valuable tips, answer questions, and assist with programming. These professionals not only bring years of experience in handling and programming drones but also a deep understanding of how to effectively and safely utilize the technology.

      It's a fascinating opportunity to delve into the world of drone technology, acquire practical skills, and simultaneously take on an exciting challenge. Who has what it takes to discover the secret text?

      Language: German/English
    • 13:00 — 14:30

      Masterclass | Corporate-Startup Collaboration for Innovation with Impact


      In this masterclass, we will focus on how such partnerships can be effectively formed to achieve real impact. Collaboration between corporates and startups can unleash synergies that are advantageous for the innovation capabilities and growth of both parties. But how does one establish such relationships? How does one navigate through the cultural and structural differences that often make these partnerships challenging?

      Oliver Durrer, along with present experts and practitioners, will present solutions, obstacles, (mis)success factors, dos and don'ts on an individual, team, and organizational level to successfully shape such partnerships.

      He will reference the ongoing cooperation project between Swiss Carers and MediService AG, which will kick off in the fall, along with participating project representatives. This project was, among other things, facilitated by the Open Innovation Program of Kickstart Innovation. The collaborating partners aim to combine their strengths to jointly develop sustainable solutions that provide chronically ill individuals and their caregiving relatives with an improved, coordinated, and integrated support offering. MediService's Home Care Coordination Center, with its proven medication management and other services from the Galenica Group, will be complemented by Swiss Carers' advanced We+Care solutions, including the innovative care calculator and peer counseling offerings.

      Our goal for this masterclass is for you to leave with a clear understanding of how corporate-startup collaborations can become effective innovation catalysts, equipped with practical insights and tools that you can directly apply to your work. So, be ready to actively participate, share your experiences and ideas, and discover new perspectives and strategies for impactful innovation.

      Language: English
      Standort: Cube 1

      *Registrations for the masterclasses and workshops can be made through the b2match networking platform. A separate email will be sent by September 8th if a professional ticket has been purchased.

    • 13:00 — 16:00

      Programming for 12 to 15 years old

      SWICO ICT Campus

      Young and aspiring ICT talents, aged 12-15, from the SWICO ICT Campus in Zurich, have deepened their skills in digital modeling and proudly present their abilities in creating 2D and 3D objects using the popular graphic program Blender.

      Visitors not only have the unique opportunity to observe these talented programmers at work but can also interact directly with them, ask them questions about their creative process, and gain valuable insights into the world of digital art.

      Interested visitors are warmly invited to participate in a special introduction where they can learn how to transform creative ideas into impressive 3D artworks. To ensure that everyone gets the best possible start, there is an extensive tutorial and an experienced coach ready to provide guidance and assist with any questions or uncertainties.

      It is an excellent opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of 3D modeling, and in doing so, we continue to address the important issue of the shortage of skilled workers, which ICT Scout is actively involved in.

      Language: English/German

      *Registrations for the masterclasses and workshops can be made through the b2match networking platform. A separate email will be sent by September 8th if a professional ticket has been purchased.

    • 13:00 — 14:00

      Workshop | Recognize and create fake news

      • David Meury, Editor & Producer «Studio 404», SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
      • Fabienne Kinzelmann, Editor International Economics & International Correspondent, Handelszeitung
      • Anja Lapcevic, Founder, Conscious Influence Hub
      Conscious Influence Hub

      Staying Informed in the Digital Age. In a time where disinformation poses a serious global challenge, we want to provide you with the skills and knowledge to navigate safely through the sea of information that reaches us daily.

      Fake news is not a new phenomenon. However, it has taken on new forms and facets through social media and digital platforms, making it harder to distinguish truth from fiction. Our expert will guide you through the complex landscapes of misinformation and teach you how to recognize and verify fake news.

      During the workshop, you will learn how to identify trustworthy sources and evaluate the credibility of news articles. You will also learn how to avoid fake news in your daily life and how to best respond when encountering it. It is important that we, as responsible citizens, learn to think critically and make informed decisions to combat the spread of disinformation.

      Additionally, we want to demonstrate how easy it is to create fake news yourself—not to teach you how to spread false information, but to raise awareness about the fragility and manipulability of our information landscape.

      Our expert will provide you with a variety of tools and techniques used by journalists, researchers, and fact-checkers to uncover the truth behind the headlines.

      We look forward to welcoming you to this important workshop. Together, we can contribute to making the world of news and information safer, more transparent, and more trustworthy.

      Language: German
      Standort: Cube 2

      *Registrations for the masterclasses and workshops can be made through the b2match networking platform. A separate email will be sent by September 8th if a professional ticket has been purchased.

    • 13:30 — 14:30

      Workshop | Risks and opportunities for the human-AI age


      Specific angles, points, and talking points:

      • What AI is and why it is so disruptive: thinking has always been our essence, and for the first time we are asking ourselves what it means to be human in an age where much of our thinking can be outsourced...

      • AI is not just winning the IQ battle, but redefining human expertise (here's how we can add value now: asking the right questions rather than trying to know all answers, developing expertise to edit and vet AI, and knowing how to turn the right insights into actions)

      • It is also clear that many human and humane skills will not just remain in demand, but experience an increase in demand: empathy, EQ, caring, curiosity, self-awareness, and people skills (though note, AI is developing these pretty fast, and just because you are human doesn’t mean you display them!)

      • Importantly, AI is pushing us to develop and upgrade ourselves: clear evidence that AI can amplify our dark side tendencies (distractibility, bias, and narcissism); and yet AI also has the potential to debias our world (mention of trust in AI and need for AI ethics rather than creepy AI)

      • But rather than worrying about whether AI is better than us we must wonder how we can be better with it: practical takeaways for you as marketeer, employee, leader... and human

      • Why human creativity can flourish in the AI age: think of chatGPT as the intellectual equivalent of the fast food industry... producing the equivalent of a fast, cheap, tasty, and quite addictive but not nutritious produce for our hungry mind. It will surely make it easier for everybody to access and produce content, but also increase the value of deep though and slow thinking. Indeed, just like the fast food industry produced the farm to table and slow food movement, as well as increasing demand for Michelin star chefs and restaurant, we can create the intellectual equivalent of slow food.

      • Nobody knows what the future holds but it is clear that the best present way to approach AI is not to fear it or dismiss it but to experiment and learn with it and from it.

      Also relevant is this: (can be pre-read)

      Language: English
      Standort: Cube 3

      *Registrations for the masterclasses and workshops can be made through the b2match networking platform. A separate email will be sent by September 8th if a professional ticket has been purchased.

    • 13:45 — 14:30

      Skills shortage and what we can do about it

      We are facing a time of immense changes and challenges in the ICT industry. With the rapid development and complexity of technologies, the demand for specialized professionals continues to grow. New technology fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Quantum Computing require specific expertise that is often insufficiently available in today's job market.

      Not only are the rapid technological changes a challenge, but the education systems as well. There is an urgent need for improved and modernized educational programs, as well as opportunities for career changers, to meet the future ICT skills demand.

      Another critical point is the lack of diversity in the ICT industry. Women and minority groups are still underrepresented, leading to a lack of diverse perspectives and ideas that are essential for genuine innovation. To address these challenges, we must work together to develop solutions. Companies, educational institutions, and governments are called upon to develop sustainable strategies to promote ICT skills and create a more diverse and inclusive ICT sector.

      In our panel, we will delve into these topics and engage in discussions with experts from various fields. Together, we aim to identify solutions and explore ways to address these challenges.

      Welcome to this exciting and highly necessary discussion.

      Language: German
      Standort: Main Stage
    • 14:45 — 15:30

      We hack all of you: Good vs. Evil

      In an increasingly digitized world where nearly every aspect of our lives is connected to the internet, the importance of cybersecurity is growing exponentially. Our reliance on digital systems has made us more productive and interconnected in many ways, but it has also made us more vulnerable to a variety of threats, from identity theft to large-scale cyber attacks.

      The title of our panel aims to raise awareness of this reality and stimulate discussion: How secure are we really? How can we protect ourselves from digital attacks, and what role do governments, companies, and individuals play in this regard?

      Our panelists are renowned experts from the world of information security, and they will share their knowledge and insights with us. They will shed light on current challenges in cybersecurity, provide practical advice for protection in the digital world, and guide us through the technical and legal aspects of this complex topic.

      We hope that this discussion contributes to a greater awareness of the importance of cybersecurity and that by the end of the evening, you will be better equipped to navigate the digital world safely. So sit back, put your smartphone on airplane mode, and let's explore the fascinating and sometimes frightening world of cybersecurity together.

      Language: German
      Standort: Main Stage
    • 15:00 — 15:45

      Masterclass: Exploring Digital Marketing Maturity


      How do you view, link and organize the various marketing disciplines holistically? Two experienced experts from Webrepublic makes the strategic topic of digital marketing maturity tangible for you. Together, you will explore the question of how to tackle the transformation, which skills are the key to success and how you can best prepare your team for it.
      The session is aimed at decision-makers and marketing professionals and offers a balanced mix of theoretical basics, use cases and interactive elements. Be inspired by new perspectives and dive into the world of digital marketing maturity.

      Key Take Aways:

      • You understand the relevance of digital maturity in marketing and gain insights into relevant use cases from various industries.

      • You can classify your challenges around digital marketing maturity and use the opportunity to tackle your individual questions.

      Language: German
      Standort: Cube 3

      *Registrations for the masterclasses and workshops can be made through the b2match networking platform. A separate email will be sent by September 8th if a professional ticket has been purchased.

    • 15:00 — 16:30

      Masterclass | Zero Trust: Strategies for untouchable cyber security

      Rewion Schweiz AG

      In an increasingly digital world, cyber security is critical. Our masterclass "Zero Trust: Strategies for Untouchable Cybersecurity" provides you with an in-depth understanding of this strategic approach to information security.

      Learn from experts how to build a Zero Trust architecture, control identity and access management and use micro-segmentation. This workshop will empower you to protect your organisation against digital threats and advance your career in cyber security. Join our Masterclass and learn how to secure your organisation for the future.

      Key Take Aways:

      • Understanding the Zero Trust philosophy

      • Implementation and management of Zero Trust initiatives

      • Practical examples of an action plan

      Language: German
      Standort: Cube 2

      *Registrations for the masterclasses and workshops can be made through the b2match networking platform. A separate email will be sent by September 8th if a professional ticket has been purchased.

    • 15:00 — 16:30

      Workshop | Successful team development computer simulation

      Interpersonal Skills Lab - successful team development computer simulation:

      The teams are immersed in an exciting space adventure via a real-time computer simulation. But during their mission they are exposed to unexpected challenges, including time pressure, different working perspectives, information overload...

      Now highly efficient cooperation is required. A variety of training focuses are possible, e.g.: Leadership, teamwork, communication, human factor in the safety concept, agile paradigms, complexity, decision-making or workload management.

      Behavioural measurement, rapid learning successes and immediate applicability in everyday life make the "LAB" a unique process accelerator in the development of leadership and team competences.

      You'll be part of the crew - fancy it?

      Key Take Aways:

      • As a participant, take an active part in the space adventure with the "LAB".

      • Experience how you can use the "LAB" profitably for the development of your teams & leaders.

      • Use the "LAB" in the assessment of new leaders in your company.

      Language: German/English
      Standort: Cube 1

      *Registrations for the masterclasses and workshops can be made through the b2match networking platform. A separate email will be sent by September 8th if a professional ticket has been purchased.

    • 15:30 — 16:00

      REFRAME the Psychology of Innovation

      Innovation expert, YouTuber, and serial entrepreneur Felix Hofmann explains in this book why leaders responsible for innovation often think too short-term, act cowardly, and make foolish decisions—and what they can do about it.

      In theory, corporate innovation could be quite simple: the management grants some employees in the company enough creative freedom to test various new ideas. Then, they finance the projects with the greatest long-term potential. It should be relatively straightforward, right?

      However, in reality, this kind of corporate innovation is rarely successful. It combines two things that are difficult to reconcile:

      Decision-makers at the executive level think, act, and optimize cautiously because they need to keep an existing business running and want short-term success.

      But innovation, on the other hand, requires quick action, taking risks, daring to try new things, and embracing trial and error in the hope of eventually achieving success. Innovation needs risk and, above all, it generates fear.

      What is the result of this contradiction? When it really matters, most decision-makers choose security and stability over innovation.

      Successful innovators in established companies need to be brave and think long-term. But they need to go one step further. They must transform inaction into risk, uncertainty into curiosity, and setbacks into motivation. The key to that is reframing.

      Language: English
      Standort: Main Stage
    • 16:00 — 17:00

      Digital Economy Award 2023


      Be there when the Digital Economy Award announces the finalists for the 2023 edition and clink glasses with us!
      #digitaleconomyaward #swissict

      The aim of the Digital Economy Award is to further advance Switzerland's digital competence and thus its international competitiveness, as well as to set a counterpoint to the shortage of skilled workers. To this end, lighthouse companies, products and individuals are to be honored as a motivation for others. Accordingly, the categories of the award are geared to these goals.

      For business development, it was important from the outset to highlight all manifestations of digitization and digital transformation: new digital products ("Digital Innovation of the Year" as well as complete company transformations ("Digital Excellence Award" - with subcategories for Commercials as well as Government/Not-for-Profit Organizations). In addition, there are companies that are tackling international expansion ("Next Global Hot Thing").

      As a counterpoint to the shortage of skilled workers, awards will be given to young talents ("NextGen Hero"). In addition, a new award ("ICT Education Excellence") will be presented to companies that have made a special commitment to creating training positions for young professionals and apprentices, thus emphasizing the importance of promoting young talent. And in cooperation with media partner Inside-IT, the award "THE PASCAL" will be presented for the IT personality of the year.

      Language: German
      Standort: Main Stage
    • 17:30 — 21:00

      Afterwork Drinks & Dinner

      Digital Festival & HackZurich
      Language: English/German
    • 18:30 — 20:00

      Opening HackZurich

      Digital Festival & HackZurich

      Join us as the HackZurich opening!

      Info: Access is only possible with a Professional Ticket or Partner Ticket.

      Find more information here:

      Language: English
      Standort: Main Stage