The Digital Festival is about where we are headed in the future. The festival is a true summit of CEOs and IT leaders from world-renowned tech companies, founders, researchers and hackers, all sharing their knowledge, experiences and visions with festival-goers. As a volunteer, you not only become part of this unique event - you make it possible in the first place!

If these 6 qualities are your strength...


You work for mutual success and like to take on responsibility.

Willingness to perform

It motivates you to achieve great things and overcome challenges.


You have a positive attitude and charisma and help where you can.

Stress resistance

You face hustle and bustle with concentration and goal-oriented action.


You are punctual, well organized and solution-oriented.


Your team can rely on you.

...and you discover a task for you in one of these teams...


You are a pioneer and companion for guests, speakers and lab leaders and greet them with a smile.

Set Up

You help with assembly and dismantling and navigate safely and reliably from A to B.

General Support

You stand by the team and the participants with advice and action and tackle where help is needed.

Social Media

You make sure that the DiFe is present on all channels.

... you should register as soon as possible! Because we offer you:

  • A unique, top-class experience

  • Valuable practical experience in event management

  • Access to keynotes, sessions and labs

  • Insights into Europe's largest hackathon

  • Insights into the only tech festival in Switzerland

  • Access to brand new knowledge and technology

  • The opportunity to expand your network