Coronavirus Info

We will meet each other in person in a secure set-up to experience inspiring moments together and engage in personal exchange. This set-up allows us to follow the rules of hygiene with which we are very familiar. We have decided on the following measures for the 5th Digital Festival from 17 to 20 September 2020:

  1. we limited the Digital Festival to 350 participants per day. This means that fewer people from our community will be able to attend this year's Digital Festival. However, we will guarantee a unique and unforgettable atmosphere with the most creative, open, and exciting personalities and talents.

  2. we will ensure that the necessary distance can be maintained at all times and leave a space between the guests for each seating arrangement. We support compliance with the rules of hygiene with a wide variety of measures. That means:

  • that we implement the safest possible option and place greater emphasis on the well-being, comfort, and sense of security of the participants than on our economic efficiency.
  • in case of infection of one of our guests, the other participants do not have to go into self-isolation.
  1. tickets can be purchased in 2020 at the same price as in previous years. In the event that the Digital Festival cannot take place due to conditions unknown today, the tickets will remain valid for the postponed date or can be reissued or refunded.

We will inform you about new developments and possible changes concerning the implementation. The protection concept will be published on our website in the coming weeks.

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Your Digital Festival Team