HackZurich 2017

Winners 2017


Mobile Application that provides rescue mission operators with IoT data in order to coordinate the brigades. With the help of augmented reality headset, the rescuer is supported on site and can display relevant information and commands from the mission operator.


Tobias Oliver Khan, Dennis Wehrle, Jan André, Matt Koslowski

#2 - JRED

Project that helps to diagnose development coordination disorder (DCD) with the help of a robot as moderator in conducting a concise version of the M-ABC test.


Eric Bezzam, David Hoeller, Richard Droste, Jonathan Bechtold


Application that allows the user to take pictures of runners at a sports event and provides real-time information about the name, current rank, past runs and much more.


Lukas Schönbächler, Patrick Del Conte, Nicole Strebel, Cloe Hüsser

HackZurich 2016

Winners 2016

#1 - Ivy

Create websites without programming skills - the intelligent voice control produces appealing designs in seconds.


Rene H. Brandel, Julian Brendl, Yue Ou and Michael Vakoc

#2 - Photodition

Discover new products or services by fulfilling playful tasks of this mixed-reality application.


Andrei Barsan, Mick Neupart, Taivo, Pungas, Lionel Trébuchon

#3 - Move Together

Motivate work colleagues for gymnastic exercises at the workplace with this collaborative and fun application.


Amir Esmaeil Sarabadani Tafreshi, Amirehsan Sarabadani Tafreshi, Sara Niederer

HackZurich 2015

Winners 2015

#1 - #nerdishBy

Emergency response before the ambulance arrives.


Alexander Immer, Willi Raschkowski, Nico Ring, Sven Mischkewitz

#2 - convene

Collaborative knowledge graph powered research notebook.


Benedikt Brandner, Philipp Dowling, Robert Weindl, Hai Nguyen Mau

#3 - Newsic

Listen to your music mixed with location-based news and location-based information which are interesting for you.


Kevin Weber, Christopher Siegel, Marcel Engelmann

HackZurich 2014

Winners 2014

#1 - Immersive

Use your smartphone and a simple cardboard to create a stunning virtual reality impression!


Johannes Schickling, Emanuel Jöbstl, Matthias Standfest, Elisaweta Masserova

#2 - Get Cooking

Smart recipe app based on the contents of your fridge


Yassin Hassan, Marc Gähwiler, Nina Wang, Jean-Marie Bise

#3 - Minoropus

Game to playfully introduce kids to programming


Roger Küng, Georgios Christodoulou, Jérémie Rappaz, Jérémy Rabasco